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is a graphic and user experience designer, researcher, educator, and amateur sewist.

Lucía, 2021

Brand identity and digital presence for Queso Lucía, a woman-owned goat cheese company with a farm open to the public in Juncos, PR. In collaboration with Karuna GangwaniLindsay Caslin, Kailyn Byers, and Ann Salman

Identity, Strategy, Digital Design

Lucía's prioritization of quality over quantity, its family-founded Puerto Rican heritage, and its emphasis on locality and farm-to-table practices all make the brand special and distinct. Using Puerto Rican foliage as a visual motif, we developed a visual identity that reflects Lucía as a fun, bold, and family-oriented company. 


Original Logo

My team was given the opportunity to redesign the brand identity for a goat cheese company, Queso Lucía, and build the user experience for their farm and factory, called a quesería.

The original logo and packaging for Lucía is shown on the left.

Design 1

Our First Iteration

Our first design analyzed the original logo and typeface and the packaging and proposed some changes that better suited the values of Queso Lucía. We wanted to continue to have Lucía, the owner's first goat, as a prominent face to bring distinct personality to the brand. 

Design 2

Our Second Iteration

The clients preferred that we stay closer to the original mascot with the full body, but they loved the concept use of traditional Puerto Rican foliage in packaging.

Final Design

Our Third Iteration

For the final design, we focused on polishing the brand mascot, improving the color palette, expanding the foliage motifs, polishing the digital brand, and creating a wayfinding system for the Quesería experience.

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