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Queso Lucía

North Carolina State University Studio Project

This was a class project at NCSU that I completed with graphic design students Karuna GangwaniLindsay Caslin, Kailyn Byers, and Ann Salman. We were assigned a client with whom we conducted a full rebrand.

ClientQueso Lucía, a woman-owned goat cheese brand with a farm open to the public in Juncos, PR.

Our Brand Solution

Visual Language

  • Uplift of the existing brand rather than a complete overhaul

  • Adaptability for brand expansion

  • Making Lucía a prominent face of the brand as a mascot to bring distinct personality to the brand

Physical Presence

  • Utilizes brand solutions

  • Expands foliage motif

  • Includes gold accents & highlights

  • Making clear and cohesive signage for different scales

  • Reflecting the rustic nature of the Quesería through materiality

Digital Presence

  • Creating access points to the Quesería experience and Queso product launches

  • Forming a centralized platform for efficient outreach

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