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This concept was developed during a series of "ministabs" under the advisory of Professor Denise Gonzales Crisp. 


Even though people of all genders menstruate, menstrual products are often only marketed toward women. Menstrual product advertisements tend to focus on de-stigmatizing menstruation for women instead of acknowledging that transgender men and non-binary people can menstruate too. Menstruation is independent of gender identity. Menstruation should not be used as a way to draw a line for womanhood or femininity.

Queeriod Pride Pins aim to normalize queer periods, or ‘queeriods,’ through education and exposure.

Queeriod Pride Pins for Non-Women Menstruation

North Carolina State University Studio Project

How can the design of an awareness campaign for non-women menstruation facilitate awareness and education of queer periods?

Fall 2021

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